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myDISCPROFILE uses a set of simple questions to reveal insights into your working behaviour. Recruiters around the world have been using DISC profiling for decades, but now myDISCPROFILE gives you the chance to see your own DISC profile for yourself.

A DISC Profile can help you explore many different features of your own personal style, including your approach to home and work life, your communication style and motivation, your particular strengths, and a lot more besides. To show you just what you can learn from a DISC profile, we've provided a range of sample reports on the site.

Because so many recruiters use DISC, your profile can be a valuable jobseeking aid, too. Your DISC profile shows you the kind of information potential employers will have access to, helping you to plan your approach to maximise your potential.

  • Sample Questions

    See some sample questions before creating your profile. sample questions

  • Sample Reports

    See examples of the kind of information DISC provides. sample report

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    Learn how to create a Job Match or download a professional report to add to your CV. additional options

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From just £24 +VAT* you can create and print your own DISC behavioural report. Your credit/debit card details will be requested after you complete the questionnaire.
*VAT only applies within the EU.

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If you have already completed a questionnaire and want to view and print your results, type your report code (provided at the end of the questionnaire) here and click 'show' below.


more information

If you want to find out more about the DISC profiling system used by myDISCPROFILE, you'll find a full online reference library, and much more besides, at the Axiom Software Website.

That's also the place to go if you're interested in setting up your own online income opportunity via the myDISCPROFILE service.

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