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Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Listed below are mydiscprofile's main personality types with brief descriptions. Why not have a quick read through and decide your personality group before taking your free test, (not compulsory), - you might be surprised with the result. You could even guess your friend's type before inviting them to take a test. (Your free test result will be a lot more comprehensive than the descriptions below and will be totally unique to you).


Adaptable • Innovative
Quick-thinking • Urgent

Adapters are notable for the flexibility and dynamism of their approach. They think and act quickly, and have the self-reliance to respond quickly to changing circumstances or unforeseen events. Adapters prefer to act rather than consider, and they tend to handle pressure well, though their rapid and responsive attitude means that they can sometimes behave impatiently.


Deliberate • Patient
Considerate • Dispassionate

Administrators are individuals with a natural gift for keeping things running smoothly. People with this kind of personality will often work behind the scenes, but rarely put themselves at center stage. Nonetheless their thoughtful, long-term way of looking at things, and their talent for planning things out ahead of time, can be invaluable.


Problem-solving • Objective
Self-reliant • Systematic

Architects are people who show a practical, systematic approach and also quite a forceful personality. They have a strong focus on their goals, and a clear view of how to reach the targets they set for themselves. They expect a lot from those around them, and can even be demanding at times, but they're also ready to take responsibility for organizing and leading other people when they see that as necessary.


Changeable • Fluid
Developing • Versatile

Balanced personality profiles represent a special case, representing a person with the potential to develop in almost any direction. This might suggest that a Balanced person finds themselves in a fluid or unpredictable situation, or that they are finding it difficult at present to adapt to changing conditions.


Charismatic • Communicative
Light-hearted • Friendly

Brainstormers get their name from their preference for working things out as part of a group. These are communicative, optimistic and friendly individuals, sociable in nature and always ready to try new suggestions or ideas. Brainstormers are open-minded and informal, interested in other people and what they have to say.


Analytical • Diplomatic
Factual • Accurate

Consultants are people who naturally search for better ways of doing things. They often think up new ideas, but they like to be sure how those ideas will affect other people before they put them into practice. People like this prefer to build up a consensus, feeling that they're supported by others before they commit themselves.


Sympathetic • Friendly
Helpful • Trusting

Counselors are noted for their empathetic attitude and their openness to other people. They are ready to listen to others' ideas or problems in an open-minded way, and to offer friendship and help if they can. People like this are generally accepting of others, and rarely judgmental, instead doing what they can to build up positive personal relationships.


Problem-solving • Independent
Efficient • Uncompromising

Designers have an analytical style, and are generally effective problem-solvers, but they combine this with an independent and direct approach. Their sense of self-reliance and their ability to operate independently mean that Designers can be powerfully effective and strongly decisive when they put their mind to something.


Determined • Commanding
Self-reliant • Objective

Directors are people who focus on achievement and ambition, with a clear idea of their goals in life, and the forceful, self-reliant attitude to work towards those goals. People like this have an independent streak, but they're also capable of taking charge of things if they think it's needed, and can be quite forceful and direct at times.


Accepting • Co-operative
Responsive • Team-oriented

Empathizers represent one of the most accepting and understanding personality types. They have little personal ego and are rarely competitive; instead they have a real interest in understanding other people and building positive relations with them. Empathizers take time to grasp other people's points of view, and are ready to offer practical help where they can.


Pro-active • Animated
Energetic • Self-confident

Energizers are determined, extrovert and self-confident people, who can be remarkably assertive if they think a situation calls for it. People like this are full of ambition, but their energetic and pro-active attitude can also be highly motivating for the people around them, meaning that they're capable of being extremely persuasive at times.


Innovative • Open-minded
Optimistic • Informal

Explorers are notable for their original outlook and their willingness to try new things. People like this do not feel bound by convention or tradition, but tend to have an open-minded outlook and are always receptive to new ideas. Explorers take a broad view of things, and approach life with an optimistic and generally confident attitude.


Practical • Focused
Dependable • Cautious

Finalizers are practical, reliable individuals who can be depended on to work through a challenge to the end. Though they often appear quiet and undemonstrative, they have a capacity for staying with something consistently and calmly. People like this will want time and personal space, preferring to avoid unpredictable or confused situations.


Innovative • Problem-solving
Direct • Self-reliant

Improvisers are people with a talent for finding solutions to problems. People like this are good at seeing the big picture, and finding quick and straightforward ways of doing things. This attitude means that Improvisers tend to think about things in broad terms and act on their instincts, but they are generally less concerned with more intricate questions of fine detail.


Co-operative • Analytical
Patient • Moderate

Interpreters are people who like to take time to think about situations. They won't rush into action, but will spend time analyzing the way things work, and discussing options with those around them. People like this tend to be open-minded and objective in their attitudes, meaning that they are well-placed to help moderate disagreements between other people.


Energetic • Determined
Dynamic • Enthusiastic

Motivators are people who not only have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, but also the lively and positive attitude to persuade others to work together towards their goals. People like this combine a friendly and animated attitude with a more competitive element that can make them a force to be reckoned with.


Harmonious • Planning
Generous • Tolerant

Observers are open and understanding people, ready to help others and slow to judge. They have a patient attitude, being ready to let events develop on their own, and they are rarely direct or competitive. Observers don't like to feel pressured or rushed; they prefer to work to their own timescales and avoid complications or confrontations when they can.


Organized • Communicative
Coordinating • Structured

Organizers are people who combine a naturally positive and sociable attitude with an ability to manage events in an orderly and effective way. They are open and positive with others, but nonetheless they have the ability to take charge and ensure things run smoothly when necessary. Coordinating and structuring the efforts of other people are areas where Organizers excel.


Determined • Decisive
Driving • Competitive

Originators are people with the capability of coming up with new ideas and making those ideas work. Always ready to experiment or innovate, people like this often see life in terms of competition, and they will do what they can to succeed against the odds. Originators have a decisive and sometimes impulsive attitude, with a readiness to follow their instincts wherever they might lead.


Expressive • Enthusiastic
Responsive • Original

Presenters have a dynamic attitude combined with a ready understanding that makes them particularly effective at putting forward ideas or presenting arguments. People like this are interested in new ideas, and often original and creative themselves, with a responsiveness and enthusiasm that makes them highly persuasive and motivating for others.


Methodical • Effective
Organized • Focused

Producers are people with a talent for getting things done. Their personality style combines a generally organized and dependable attitude with the capacity to take a more determined stance when a situation calls for it. They have powers of concentration and focus that help them maintain a clear view of their goals and avoid distractions as they work towards them.


Determined • Resilient
Persistent • Focused

Proposers are people who will stand up for ideas they believe in - their own ideas or those of other people - with determination and persistence. People like this can be tenacious in pursuit of their own ideals, and they're ready to try unconventional routes to achieve their goals.


Prepared • Patient
Thoughtful • Considerate

Reviewers are considerate and intent in style. Theirs is one of the most patient and thoughtful personality types, with an ability to bring strong powers of concentration and focus to bear on any task or situation. People like this will rarely act unpredictably, instead preferring to review their options and consider their actions before committing themselves.


Confident • Light-hearted
Expressive • Gregarious

Socializers are at their best with other people, having the personal confidence to communicate in an open and positive way and express themselves freely. People like this are motivated by the attention and appreciation of others, and are at their best in situations where they can form positive, friendly bonds with the people around them.


Personable • Trusting
Confiding • Harmonious

Sympathizers are strong listeners, always ready to accept and consider the viewpoints of other people. They're open to trusting others, and look to build up harmonious, positive attitudes in any group. Patience is also a key element of a Sympathizer's personality; they will rarely hurry, but prefer to take their time and ponder things carefully before acting.


Precise • Analytical
Accurate • Organized

Technicians are people who are concerned with how things work. They like to have a clear understanding of events around them, and will take time to consider and analyze a situation before committing themselves. People like this work well with complicated systems and are motivated by having a puzzle to solve, but at times their dispassionate approach can make them seem aloof or uninvolved.


Patient • Considerate
Planning • Indirect

Thinkers are not given to direct or unpredictable action. Instead they like to consider and plan, thinking a situation through and being ready to take other people's suggestions into account. People like this prefer not to act alone; wherever possible they'll want the help and support of others, and left to their own devices they'll often prefer to avoid acting decisively.

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What is a balanced profile, and what can I do about it?
Do you provide a profiling solution for business?

Our myDISCprofile Manager service is designed for exactly this purpose. It will handle candidate profiling across the Web, and provides advanced reports, including group profiling.

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How can I download a copy of my free report?

Sorry, but free profiles don’t provide a ‘download’ option. If you upgrade toi a full report, an option to create and download a PDF of the report is included, but that option isn’t available for free reports.

I completed an invited questionnaire. Where's my report?

When a myDISCprofile Manager user sends out an invitation, they are able to choose whether or not you will be able to view your report. If you completed a questionnaire from an invitation but did not receive a report, then it is likely that the person who sent you the original invitation simply did not activate this option.

If you expected to see a report, it may be helpful to contact the person who organized your questionnaire and request of a copy of your report from them.

Do you offer any other payment options?

All our payment options are displayed on the website. These include credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, AliPay and other options, depending on your device setup and location.

I completed a free questionnaire, but didn't receive an e-mail notification

Provided you entered the correct e-mail address, please check your 'spam' folder. If you’re still unable to locate your email, try the questionnaire again; its free.

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When you upgrade from a free to a full report, we will always send you an e-mail containing a copy of your report and a receipt for your purchase. If you did not receive this, the first thing to check is that your e-mail system has not mistaken the message for 'spam' and stored it in the wrong folder.

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Can you send me an invoice for my report upgrade?

For free report upgrades, we're only able to provide a standard receipt. Only the myDISCprofile Manager account service provides a full invoices option for your purchases.

What is a balanced profile, and what can I do about it?

Some combinations of answers to the personality questionnaire produce a 'balanced' result, a profile with no factors that stand out strongly enough to be recognized. In situations like this, we can't analyze the results sufficiently to provide a useful interpretation.

That's no problem; you can try the free questionnaire as many times as you like. To avoid a balanced profile on further tests, try to focus more strongly on the ways you behave in a particular set of circumstances.