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About the Free Personality Test

Your Questions Answered

Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions we're asked about the free DISC personality test. To help you find the answers you need more easily, we've reduced many of the questions in this list. To open up the answers to any of these questions, just click the question to find out more.

What is a DISC personality test?

This personality test is designed to measure some of the key characteristics of your personality, and use them to offer some insights into your personal behaviors and motivations. DISC is the name of the particular personality assessment system we use, a system widely-used in business and commerce. This test adapts that commercial assessment system to provide individual results describing the key features of your personality.

What will the personality test tell me?

This free personality test will use your answers to assign you to one of twenty-seven personality types, and explain the meaning of that type. It will do far more than that, though, and looks at the details of your individual results to report on your personality style, your most important values, and your key personality factors.

The DISC assessment has the potential to tell you much more, too, looking at communication, relationships, personal development and much more. We'll give you the option to explore all these areas after you've seen your initial free personality report.

What do the letters 'DISC' stand for?

The DISC profiling system takes its name from the four main personality factors that it measures. These are known as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (or D, I, S and C for short, hence 'DISC'). There's lots of information available about thes factors if you want to find out more, but they can be briefly summarized as:

  • Dominance: self-reliance, competitiveness, and assertiveness.
  • Influence: friendliness, communication and social openness.
  • Steadiness: persistence, patience and consideration for others.
  • Compliance: caution, accuracy and concern for following the rules.

Is a DISC assessment reliable?

DISC has been fully assessed in independent studies against standard testing systems in terms of both its reliability (or the consistency of its results) and its validity (or how well it measures its key personality factors). So, you can be confident that your report is based on tried and tested personality assessment techniques.

How long will the personality assessment take?

Most people complete the test quickly, and it rarely takes more than about ten minutes to work through all the questions. Indeed, if you find that the test is taking longer than this, that might be a sign that you're thinking too hard about the answers you give. In general, your results will be more useful if you answer following your first instincts, rather than consider each question in too much detail.

Will I see my DISC results immediately?

Yes. As soon as you've finished the test, your DISC profile results will be shown immediately. We'll also send you a link to your report via e-mail (and we'll ask you for your e-mail address for this purpose) so that you have a permanent link to your results, and can revisit them whenever you wish.

How do I share my personality report?

Sharing your report on social media is easy. Down at the bottom of the report you'll see an option to share the report on either Facebook or Twitter/X, and you just need to click the relevant button to share your results. Most browsers also include a 'Share' button, and you can use that to share the report in various different ways (for example, through e-mail or text).

You'll also see a 'report code' at the bottom of your report, and this has a special purpose. If you're completing the report for a business user (as part of a recruitment process, for example) you can pass this code along and they will be able to view your results through the myDISCprofile Manager service, and also optionally expand your own results in the process.

How often can I take a DISC test?

It's a good idea to avoid taking the DISC test too often, and we recommend leaving a period of at least several months between tests. Taking the test more frequently than this means that your recollection of the questionnaire and your previous answers can sometimes affect the results.

Can I get more details about my personality style?

The free personality report produced by myDISCprofile contains plenty of detail, but the DISC assessment system can tell you much more. Indeed, after you've seen your personal free report, we'll give you the option of expanding it to see much more detail. An expanded report goes into a lot more detail in a range of more specific areas, like communication, personal development, and your personality at work. If you want to see the kind of information that's available for yourself, take a look at a sample report.

Can my DISC profile results change over time?

It's perfectly possible for your personality to change over time, and so it's equally possible to see changes in your DISC profile results. Changes like this can happen gradually over time, but it's also possible to see more sudden and radical changes in response to significant life events such as changing to a new a job.

Which is the best DISC type?

There is no single 'best' personality type. Every different personality element assessed by DISC brings with it a set of strengths, but also corresponding disadvantages. So, a personality's effectiveness will depend on their circumstances. There will be situations where any of the different types might be considered the most effective, but none of the types stands out as better than the others in every possible situation.

Which is the most common DISC profile type?

Of all the different DISC personality types we assess, three stand out as distinctly more common than the others. All three of these have certain elements in common, but there are also fine differences between them. These three most common types are:

  • Technicians: people with personalities suited to understanding how systems work, these individuals are analytical and thoughtful, and good at finding technical solutions to problems.
  • Finalizers: steady, reliable people, who are able to work consistently and effectively towards a goal with focused concentration.
  • Consultants: people who, like Technicians, are good at analyzing and understanding situations, but are also more capable of communicating their ideas and expressing their opinions.

Which is the rarest DISC personality type?

Of the twenty-seven types analyzed by myDISCprofile, two stand out as particularly rare. If your results place you in one of these categories, you have a particularly distinctive personality type shared with very few other individuals. The two types are in many ways direct opposites of one another, and they are:

  • Originators: people with their own individual attitude to life, possessing the drive and determination to successfully achieve their personal visions and ambitions.
  • Reviewers: people who are able to stand back and take an objective view of events, offering thoughtful and considered suggestions without involving themselves deeply in events.

Where can I find out more about DISC?

DISC is a very widely-used system, so you can expect to find lots of background information and reference material across the Web. Our Personality Types page will give you an idea of the range of personalities described by the system, and you'll also find out more in the more detailed DISC reports available from myDISCprofile.

Can I use this free DISC test for my business?

If you need to use DISC profiling in your business, you'll find the myDISCprofile Manager service invaluable. It handles online profiling for you through automated invitations, and also organizes all your DISC personality profiles for your in your own dedicated database. It also produces much more extensive reports aimed at business users, and provides extra free services like job matching and group profiling. You can try it for yourself by setting up your own myDISCprofile Manager account.

Free personality test

From the four choices, click one that is 'Most Like Me' and one that is 'Least Like Me'. You must answer spontaneously and honestly and in the context of a working environment. The test should take approximately ten minutes - enjoy!

The test should take approximately ten minutes - enjoy!

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